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Friday, June 5, 2009

Tubular Pasta

Some varieties of Tubular Pasta:

  • Bucatini: Hollow spaghetti
  • Calamarata: Wide ring shaped pasta
  • Calamaretti: Smaller Calamarata
  • Cannelloni: Large stuffable tubes
  • Cavatappi: Corkscrew-shaped macaroni
  • Cellentani: Corkscrew-shaped tube
  • Chifferi: Short and wide macaroni
  • Ditalini: Short tubes; like elbows but shorter and without a bend
  • Fideuà: Short and thin tubes
  • Gomito Maccheroni: Bent tubes
  • Elicoidali: Slightly ribbed tube pasta; the ribs are corked unlike rigatoni
  • Fagioloni: Short narrow tube
  • Garganelli: Square egg noodle rolled into a tube
  • Maccheroni: As long as a little finger, usually striped
  • Maccheroncelli: Hollow pencil shaped pasta
  • Maltagliati: Short wide pasta with diagonally cut ends
  • Manicotti: Large stuffable ridged tubes
  • Mezzani pasta: Short curved tube
  • Mezze Penne: Short version of penne
  • Mezzi Bombardoni: Wide short tubes
  • Mostaccioli: Also called Penne Lisce/"smooth penne", do not ridges like Penne
  • Paccheri: Large tube
  • Pasta al ceppo: Shaped like a cinnamon stick
  • Penne: Medium length tubes with ridges, cut diagonally at both ends
  • Penne rigate: Penne with ridged sides
  • Penne lisce: Penne with smooth sides
  • Penne Zita: Wider version of penne
  • Pennette: Short thin version of penne
  • Pennoni: Wider version of penne
  • Perciatelli: Thicker bucatini
  • Rigatoni: Large and slightly curved tube
  • Rigatoncini: Smaller version of rigatoni
  • Sagne Incannulate: Long tube formed of twisted ribbon
  • Trenne: Penne shaped as a triangle
  • Trennette: Smaller version of trenne
  • Tortiglioni: Narrower rigatoni
  • Tuffoli: Ridged rigatoni
  • Ziti: Long, narrow hose-like tubes
  • Zitoni: Wider version of Ziti
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