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Friday, June 5, 2009

Strand Noodles

Some varities of Strand Noodles (Straight round-rods):

  • Spaghettoni: Thick spaghetti (thick little twine)
  • Spaghetti: Most common round-rod pasta (little twine)
  • Spaghettini: Thin spaghetti
  • Fedelini: Between spaghetti and vermicelli in size
  • Vermicelloni: Thick vermicelli
  • Vermicelli: Thicker than capellini, thinner than fedelini
  • Capellini: Thinner than vermicelli
  • Capelli d'angelo: Thinnest round-rod pasta


  • Barbina: Thin strands often coiled into nests
  • Spaghetti alla chitarra: Similar to spaghetti, except square rather than round
  • Ciriole: Thicker version of chitarra
  • Fusilli lunghi: Very long coiled rods (like a thin telephone cord)
  • Pici: Very thick, long, hand rolled
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