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Friday, June 5, 2009

Ribbon Pasta Noodles

Some varieties of Ribbon Pasta Noodles:
  • Bavette: Narrower version of tagliatelle
  • Bavettine: Narrower version of bavette
  • Fettuce: Wider version of fettuccine
  • Fettuccine: Ribbon of pasta
  • Fettucelle: Narrower version of fettuccine
  • Lagane: Wide noodles
  • Lasagne: Very wide noodles that often have fluted edges
  • Lasagnette: Narrower version of lasagna
  • Lasagnotte: Longer version of lasagna
  • Linguine: Flattened spaghetti
  • Linguettine: Narrower version of linguine
  • Mafalde: Long ribbons with ruffled sides
  • Pappardelle: Thick flat ribbon
  • Pillus: Very thin ribbons
  • Pizzoccheri: Ribbon pasta made from buckwheat
  • Reginette: Wide ribbon with rippled edges
  • Sagnarelli: Rectangular ribbons with fluted edges
  • Scialatelli: Homemade long spaghetti with a twisted long spiral
  • Stringozzi: Similar to shoelaces
  • Tagliatelle: Ribbon fairly thinner than fettuccine
  • Taglierini: Thinner version of Tagliatelle
  • Trenette: Thin ribbon ridged on one side
  • Tripoline: Thick ribbon ridged on one side
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