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Friday, June 5, 2009

Micro Pasta

Some varieties of Micro Pasta:
  • Acini di pepe: Bead-like pasta
  • Alphabets: Pasta shaped as letters of the alphabet
  • Anelli: Small rings of pasta
  • Anellini: Smaller version of anelli
  • Couscous: Grain looking pasta
  • Conchigliette: Small shell shaped pasta
  • Corallini: Small short tubes of pasta
  • Ditali: Small short tubes
  • Ditalini: Smaller versions of ditali
  • Farfalline: Small bow tie shaped pasta
  • Fideos: Short thin noodles
  • Filini: Smaller version of fideos
  • Fregula: Bead-like pasta
  • Funghini: Small mushroom shaped pasta
  • Israeli couscous: wheat-based baked pasta
  • Occhi di pernice: Very small rings of pasta
  • Orzo: Rice shaped pasta
  • Pastina: Small spheres about the same size/smaller than acini di pepe
  • Pearl Pasta: Spheres slightly larger than acini di pepe
  • Quadrettini: Small flat squares of pasta
  • Risi: Smaller version of orzo
  • Seme di melone: Small seed shaped pasta
  • Stelle: Small star shaped pasta
  • Stelline: Smaller version of stelle
  • Stortini: Smaller version of elbow macaroni
  • Trachana: Granular, irregular shaped pasta of Greek origin
info src: wikipedia
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