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Monday, June 15, 2009

Matching Cheese and Wine


Both cheese & wine are natural products that are frequently consumed together. As a rule, the whiter & fresher the cheese the crisper and fruitier the wine should be.....

There are no hard and strict rules about which wine should be selected to accompany a particular cheese as the best selections are almost always based on individual tastes.

However, some useful points to note... (info src:
  • A smooth, fatty cheese may go very well with a similarly smooth, slightly oily wine.

  • Sweet wine contrasts very well with a cheese with high acidity.

  • White wines go better with many cheeses than reds.

  • Not all red wines match with cheese. The most recommended are the fruity, light red wines.

  • Dry, fresh red wines are ideally suited to soft cheeses, especially goat ones.

  • A wine with good acidity may be complemented by very salted cheeses.

  • Dry champagnes are brilliant combination with bloomy white rinds.

  • The cheeses can be matched with beer or cider.

  • Try regional combination, the cheese and wine from the same region.

Here are some useful lists & recommendations on matching cheese and wine....

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