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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spice up your cuisine

Picture courtesy: ALMI
A spice is a dried seed, fruit, root, bark or leaf used as a food additive to enhance flavor & colour of cuisines across the globe.
Spices can be distinguished from herbs, which are leafy, green plant parts used for flavoringpurposes. Herbs (basil or oregano), may be used fresh, commonly chopped into smaller pieces.
Spices, however, are dried and often ground or grated into a powder.

Common spice mixtures
  • Berbere (Ethiopia and Eritrea)
  • Chimichurri (Argentina and Uruguay)
  • Colombo (paprika, cumin, coriander, nutmeg, ginger, black pepper, star anise, cardamom, cloves, mustard grains, saffron)
  • Curry powder (Indian-style, used in the West and Japan)
  • Five-spice powder (China)
  • Herbes de Provence (Southern France)
  • Jerk spice (Jamaica)
  • Khmeli suneli (Georgia)
  • Masalas, including panch phoron and garam masala (India)
  • Old Bay Seasoning, Poultry Seasoning and Pumpkin pie spice (United States)
  • Quatre épices (France)
  • Ras el hanout (Middle East/North Africa)
  • Shichimi togarashi (Japan)
  • Za'atar (Middle East)

Source: Wikipedia

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