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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Power Setting Table in Microwave

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A handly table to know the Power Level Percent with Cooking Term and related Applicaton.....
Power Level PercentRankCooking Term
Cooking curries, rice, meat, fish, chicken, veg etc.
Boil milk, soups etc.
80%Medium HighRoast
Cooking food at moderate heat
Reheating curries and soups
60%MediumSimmer, Defrost
Cooking soft foods like fish, mushrooms, chicken
Reheating dry food products
Defrosting food like poultry (mutton, chicken)
40%Medium LowDefrost
Defrosting frozen vegetables like peas, carrots, minced meat, fish etc.
Keep food warm, defrost, cheese etc.
Soften butter

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