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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Microwave Oven Cooking Techniques

Some information and useful tips on Microwave Cooking Techniques......
Microwaves are short length, high frequency, electromagnetic waves similar to TV / radio waves. In a microwave oven, microwaves are generated & distributed uniformly which release energy to prepare healthy, oil-free food in less cooking time taken by conventional cooking system.
Cooking Techniques:
Standing time:
  • As the centre of the food is cooked by heat distribution, cooking continues even when you have taken the food out of the oven and switched off the microwave.
  • Standing times specified in recipes must be followed to ensure even & complete cooking of the food by utilizing the residual heat inside the microwave.
Arranging and spacing:
  • Make sure vegetables pieces are of equal size. Arrange large or tougher vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, broccoli etc.) toward the outside of the plate and small or tender ones (peas, mushrooms, capsicum etc.) in the center prefereably in a circular pattern to ensure even cooking.
  • Never pile food one on top of the other. In a microwave food always cooks evenly when spaced / placed apart.

Stirring and turning:

  • Turning is necessary to ensure even distribution of microwaves through the food for uniform cooking.
  • Especially food having large potatoes and cauliflower need to be turned over during cooking.


  • Covering the food with a microwave safe lid / cling foil helps to retain steam & moisture, which tenderize the food and shorten cooking time.
  • Covering also prevents spluttering of food in the oven walls.
  • Be sure to make a vent / hole in the cling foil to allow steam to escape.


  • Foods enclosed in a shell, skin or membrane (eggs, potatoes, tomatoes and whole vegetables and fruits etc.) are likely to burst in the oven unless they are pierced before cooking.
  • Use a fork to pierce / prick whole vegetables to allow excess steam to escape.


  • To protect delicate parts of food from over cooking, secure small strips of aluminium foil to the dish.
Hope you found these tips useful....more to follow shortly.
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