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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Glossary - A


  • Aam: Mango
  • Achar: Achar / Indian Pickles made with vegetables and fruits like mango, lime, green chilies etc. are a spicy and delightful addition to the Indian meal
  • Adrak/Udrak/Shunti: Ginger
  • Akki: Kannada word meaning Rice
  • Aloo: Potato
  • Aloo Chole: Aloo Chole is a vegetarian dish cooked using chickpeas, potatoes and tamarind
  • Amchur: Mango powder, a sour flavoring agent using in North Indian cooking
  • Appam: Appam is the traditional recipe from Kerala are usually made out of rice and/or various lentil flours
  • Atta: Whole meal flour used in rotis / chappatis (Indian breads)
  • Avial / Aviyal: A mixed vegetable curry from the south of India, seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves.

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