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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Glossary - P


  • Paan: Betel leaf, usually eaten after a meal and has known to aid in digestion
  • Palak/Sag: Spinach or green leafy vegetable
  • Paneer: Cheese (Indian cottage cheese) made from bottled milk that can be fried and curried
  • Papod / Papad / Papadums (Papad): Thin wafer like discs made from a variety of lentils, potato, shrimp, rice etc.
  • Parota / Parantha: Whole-wheat unleavened flatbread. Slightly larger than a Chapatti, it is sometimes filled with cooked ground meat or a vegetable mixture.
  • Piaz / Peeaz / Pyaz / Kanda: Onion
  • Pesta: Pistachio nut
  • Pooris: Deep-fried whole-wheat flatbreads
  • Pudina: Mint leaves or powder
  • Pulao: Delicately flavored rice, sautéed in ghee and flavored with whole spices like cumin, cloves etc.
  • Pulses: Types of lentils
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