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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Glossary - M


  • Makke: Corn flour
  • Malai: Cream
  • Masala: Spices, herbs and other seasonings ground or pounded together.
  • Moori / Mamra /Mumra : Puffed rice
  • Masoor Dal: Red lentil with a green skin
  • Mattar or Mutter: Green peas
  • Methi: Fenugreek
  • Mirch: Pepper. For centuries the most important spice, can be used whole or ground. It grows on vines that flower triennially and produce clusters of berries, which are picked and dried which then become peppercorns. Varieties being green, black, and white. Peppercorns are green when picked and must be bottled or freeze-dried at once to retain the color. Black pepper is the dried berry. White pepper is obtained by soaking off the black skin of the berry. Peppercorns are a heat agent and can be used whole or ground.
  • Moong: One of the more commonly used lentils. It has a green skin and can be used as whole or split daal

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