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Saturday, May 30, 2009


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Chinese Cuisine

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Egyptian Cuisine

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African Cuisine
Cuisine (from French cuisine, "cooking; culinary art; kitchen"; and Latin coquere, "to cook") is a specific set of cooking traditions and practices, often associated with a specific culture. It is often named after the region or place where its related culture exists. A cuisine is primarily influenced by the ingredients that are available locally.

Here is a list of various cuisines across the globe:
  • Africa

  • Asia
    Central Asia
    East Asia
    Southeast Asia
    Southwest Asia
    Middle East

  • Europe
    Northern Europe
    Western Europe
    Eastern Europe
    Southern Europe

  • Oceania

  • The Americas
    North America
    United States
    Central America
    South America

  • Historical cuisines

  • Ethnic and religious cuisines
source: wikipedia
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