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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Introducing Malini

Dear readers.
Welcome to Global Cuisine in my Platter, a blog featuring recipes from around the globe with various tips & information on food, home remedies and lot more.
Well first, something about me...I am a homemaker, a work-from-home mom and a glass designer artefacts designer (hobby).
Inspired by the comments on my culinary skills from my near and dear ones, nurtured a thought of having a site of my own, share recipes and collate knowledge on world cuisines.
Introduced to blogging by a friend, I started penning down my thoughts to utilize my spare time other than my technical writing assignments, managing family and seeing my son growing up...
I used to collect recipes from around the world since my college days. You can say I was more of a recipe collector at that time and till date, I have numerous clippings & paper cuttings at my desk.
Learnt various tips on Bengali cooking from my mom and some Non-Bengali (Maharashtrian) cuisine from my dad. Married to a family of foodies, I learnt a lot of new recipes (Continental, Chinese and Italian) from my mom-in-law (who is a great cook, always trying out & experimenting new recipes besides Bengali cuisine).
The most important thing one should remember while cooking is that one should cook food with love (the most important ingredient of all).
There is a popular saying “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, which is literally established in my in-law’s place. Only I would like to modify it by saying “A way to everyone’s heart (be it your near & dear ones, friends & relatives and acquaintances who happen to cross your life) is through their appreciation”.

So writing about some more recipes I learnt from my mom, grandmother and my mom-in-law including recipes other than Bengali Cuisine, cooking tips etc. from friends, colleagues and people along the journey of life (the process is still going on……)

Greetings to everyone who happen to vist this blog of mine. Keep visiting and do remember to leave your valuable comments, suggestions and acknowledgements.
Hope to see you around, till then … Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!!!
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Hearty thanks to all for dropping by and appreciating my blog....

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